MUAA Goals

MUAA Mission Statement
The Marshall University Alumni Association is a catalyst to build lifeling partnerships by offering appropriate activities and services among Marshall, its students, alumni and friends and to support the university.

MUAA Vision Statement
The Marshall University Alumni Association proudly serves the needs of Marshall, its students, alumni and friends by building loyalty, strengthening personal and financial commitment and cultivating goodwill as well as providing connections between these constituents and Marshall.

MUAA Values Statement
Diversity - Integrity - Loyalty - Pride - Respect
These are the core values of the Marshall University Alumni Association that are used as a framework in the development and implementation of all activities and services, and in the promotion of the association and its work with Marshall University, its students, alumni and friends.


GOAL - Foster a lifelong partnership with Marshall University through the development of programs and services.


  1. Identify the needs and interests of students, alumni and friends for meaningful services and programs.
  2. Provide to alumni and friends programming that will encourage campus visitation.
  3. Develop and market programming that will interest and attract young alumni.
  4. Encourage current students to join a lifelong partnership with Marshall University and the Marshall University Alumni Association.
  5. Support the Marshall Club network to provide nationwide service and foster alumni partnerships.

GOAL -Cultivate personal and financial commitment to Marshall University.


  1. Develop a plan to utilize Marshall Clubs in order to identify inactive alumnae and young alumni who have recently moved into their area for the purpose of getting them more involved.
  2. Organize a volunteer group to serve as Alumni Center hosts and to help contact members to update records.
  3. Develop a menu of special incentives to attract new alumni to join the
  4. Provide greater emphasis on attracting first year graduates to join the
    MUAA. Explore the feasibility of establishing an associate director position to aid in recruiting young alumni to the association.

GOAL - Provide avenues of communication with alumni, students and friends so that they will remain connected with Marshall.


  1. Maintain accurate and regularly updated records and continue database
  2. Ensure the use of appropriate web-based technology to communicate with alumni and provide connection with the university.
  3. Maintain the highest quality possible in all communications delivered
    to the MUAA membership and public.
  4. Develop a communications link with all departments of the university to
    ensure that relevant and timely information is provided to MUAA constituencies.

GOAL - Be a visible and integral partner in the mission of Marshall University.


  1. Promote MUAA involvement on all appropriate boards and committees
    throughout the university.
  2. Collaborate with academic and administrative officers and other campus
    entities to assist in alumni outreach.
  3. Ensure a greater level of partnership by involving the MUAA in the
    development of goals, priorities, and programs of the University as
    directed by the President and Board of Governors.
  4. Identify, develop, and promote specific programs which will enhance the association's image within the University and community
    at large.