Reeves Kirtner is a 2004 graduate of Marshall University, earning his bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Originally from Culloden, West Virginia, Reeves now calls Huntington home where he serves as the Vice President of Kindred Communications. He has been with Kindred Communications since 2006, serving in his current role since 2014. An avid Marshall supporter, Reeves has been a member of the MUAA Board of Directors since 2018. Let’s meet Reeves…

Why did you choose Marshall? I was born in Huntington, but my family moved to Pennsylvania immediately after I was born, and then to Louisville, Kentucky. We returned to West Virginia when I was 10. Even in those 10 years away from Huntington, Marshall University was the only school I cared about. I knew the Marshall story; it was my father’s school and I knew it would be my school.  

What one memory stands out most from your time as a student at Marshall? Writing and being an editor for The Parthenon are two of my fondest memories while attending Marshall University. Winning the Jeff Nathan Memorial Award in 2004 for being the top reporter is my proudest moment. The first time I wrote for the Parthenon, I had to drop the class because I was struggling just to get the minimum required “C-grade” to pass. I had overloaded my class schedule and had responsibilities outside of the classroom and I wasn’t giving it my best. Just passing wasn’t good enough for me. I took the class again in the Fall and thrived. I was told I should attend the School of Journalism & Mass Communications awards ceremony that Spring. I had no clue who Jeff Nathan was before Dr. Corley Dennison discussed the young Parthenon reporter who died along with 74 others on the Marshall plane crash in 1970. When Dr. Dennison then said I was the winner of the Jeff Nathan Memorial Award in 2004 for the top Parthenon Reporter, I instantly got tears in my eyes. The hard work paid off.

Did you have a favorite class, professor, or mentor from your time at Marshall you want to speak about? Greg White, the head coach for the Marshall University men’s basketball team. I was a manager for the basketball team during my four years at Marshall. I learned so much from Coach White – attention to detail, passion, that the little things matter, responsibility. Even though I was “just a manager,” Coach White made me and my fellow managers, feel just as important as the starting five.
Talk about how you stay connected to Marshall as an alum? If someone outside of Marshall sends me an article that is Marshall-related I often joke that if it involves Marshall, I’ve seen it. I’m very connected to our school through local media, social media, relationships with Marshall University faculty and staff members and volunteering for the Marshall Football Quarterback Club and Marshall University Alumni Association.

How has Marshall impacted your life? Like so many Marshall alumni, Marshall plays a huge part in my life. For entertainment and my social life – it’s what we do from September to March, cheering on the Herd and never missing a football or a basketball game or soccer match. As the flagship radio station for Marshall University athletics, my company partners with Marshall on a number of endeavors in which I’m directly involved including the Thundering Herd Rally at 9th Street Live and Thunder Street. I’m very involved in the community and serve on two boards at Marshall University, including the Marshall Football Quarterback Club and of course the Marshall Alumni Association. Marshall keeps me busy and I love it. I love serving my school.

Why did you choose to serve on the MUAA Board of Directors? A few years ago, I didn’t do any volunteer work and didn’t volunteer on any boards. I wanted to be involved, I wanted to do more for Marshall University, but I didn’t know where to start. I talked to one of my best friends, Mendy Aluise, who also serves on the Marshall Alumni Association, about getting more involved. She nominated me and I’ve been proud to serve ever since. That jumpstarted me serving on several other boards including the Marshall Quarterback Club, the West Virginia Broadcasters Association and the Cabell County Schools Foundation.