MUAA Purpose

The Marshall University Alumni Association is dedicated to advancing the goals and objectives of Marshall University as a premier research and teaching institution. Guided by the strategic priorities of the University, the MUAA pursues lifelong, mutually beneficial relationships between all constituent groups and organizations resulting in optimal levels of engagement and philanthropic support. In our daily work, we maintain a commitment to strengthening partnerships among the University community while facilitating the processes of communication, collaboration, and leadership in the field of development. At all times, we promote the very best of everything Marshall university has to offer.

MUAA Values

Diversity – Integrity – Loyalty – Pride – Respect 

These are the core values of the Marshall University Alumni Association that are used as a framework in the development and implementation of all activities and services, and in the promotion of the association and its work with Marshall University, its students, alumni and friends.


MUAA Goals

  • Promote and preserve the distinctive values and traditions of Marshall University.
  • Promote Marshall’s role as a modern, comprehensive university dedicated to academic excellence.
  • Communicate to alumni, students and other Marshall constituents the achievements, needs and activities of the Association and the University.
  • Encourage alumni and friends to make their human and financial resources available to the University and influence others to help the University achieve its goals.
  • Provide networks for Marshall University alumni to interact with each other and with the University.
  • Provide alumni with services and programs that support their lifestyle needs and other interests.
  • Maintain accurate membership and biographical records of alumni for the Association, constituent groups and the University.
  • Continue the legacy of strong leadership, pass on to future generations of an Association that will effectively serve the interests of Marshall Alumni and be an advocate for Marshall University.